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  • 03/03/11--14:23: By: Keith R Perrine

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  • 03/03/11--18:53: By: Linda C.
  • KEITH, I'm not quite sure what game you were at but the ones that I went to the Viper girls didn't have noise makers. The crowd had noise makers and if I recall correctly the coach (Kim)did the right thing and asked them to stop out of respect for the other team. Maybe you didn't hear it but I did and so did others. I have never seen Kim not shake the coaches hands or high five the girls of the opposing team, I even saw her hug a girl from the opposing team who had earlier been hit by a ball! I really hope Karma does come around for Kim! Then maybe she would be on the board while everyone is out on their buts where they belong for them being poor role models!

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  • 03/03/11--22:12: By: Cindy
  • Dave well stated. All great observations and comments. Thank you! It does make one wonder if there were any real issues why this wasn't addressed last July when the season ended. We have been asking the same thing for the specific reasons for the dismissal. This has been a great outlet for all sides. Thanks again!

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  • 03/05/11--05:44: By: Cindy
  • I know everyone has been waiting to hear what the result of Wednesday’s WTGSL Board meeting was. (Sorry it has been a crazy few days.) Below is the e-mail exchange that took place regarding that meeting. So at this point we are still waiting. The board would like to look past all the negative aspects of this publicity situation caused by rumors and untrue statements, and simply look at the facts. The facts are that a few parents have stated they feel they are losing a great coach and their kids are upset. For that reason alone, the board has decided to review the situation after sign ups. Thank You, WTGSL Board Thank you for the update to your decision from the meeting last night. I have a few questions regarding having to wait while you review Kim's situation. 1. What is the date when you will decide if Kim will be reinstated? 2. We have been told we can get our fee back if Kim is not coaching. Is this still true? Thank you for quick response so the girls can make informed choices. Cindy Kurdys All girls who have not played in any games can get a refund - it was my understanding that we were going to try and meet after our 2nd organizer's meeting on March 9th, but with the snow day, I am not sure it won't be bumped back Thanks, Angel Wuest Since there still seemed to be some confusion that only a "few" parents wanted Kim back we put together a “petition”, if you will, and ALL of the Viper parents signed it. This statement was at the top: The Viper parents and girls all want Coach Kim Wurzelbacher reinstated as the coach of the Vipers. She is an excellent coach and role model – winning isn’t everything but having fun on this team is. We also noted behind each girl’s name that we didn’t intend to return if Coach Kim wasn’t the Viper’s coach. I hope this helps keep everyone who has been passionate about this situation up-to-date. STAY TUNED!!!!

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  • 03/08/11--14:02: By: Dave Wooley
  • Hope all worked out for you!

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  • 03/10/11--14:23: By: Kim
  • Well, I wanted to let everyone know that has supported me through this situation that I am not allowed to come back and coach. This is the email I received today : The Board has discussed Ms. Wurzelbacher's request and the parent's petition for her to return this year as a coach for McGregor and we have decided to support the outgoing school organizer's decision. The petition was signed by parents thinking that their coach was not being asked back due to being a bad role model, which was a false statement. The Free Press article was instigated under the same unfortunate pretense. We hope that the parents and Ms. Wurzelbacher will help the girls make this transition as smooth as possible. WTGSL Board I have not spoken up and now I will speak for myself. This is the only contact I have had with anyone in the league since the very beginning. I was told rule 1.7 by 3 different people. The new organizer, the old organizer, and the person that sent this email. I have asked every single one of them, what it is I did to violate that rule. Not one person has one thing. They just say that coaches have a problem with me. That’s it. Yet in this email, they are saying that it is false and not true. They are saying the article on here is false. The rule is that of being a bad role model. So as that was told to me and the email states the opposite, I still have no idea what I did that I am not allowed to coach. Did I miss it in the email? Am I not understanding it correctly? Please make this an easy transition? How, my 2 girls now do not want to play softball…so transition?? Ohhh you mean, go away quietly and nicely? All they wanted was to shut everyone up. They do not care about these girls. I am very sad and hurt. I have dedicated myself to those girls for the past 5 years, that I have had them. I have been a great role model to the girls. I have sooo many things that I want to say at the moment, but I am just sooo bitter right now, sooo I will end this with It has been my pleasure to be apart of these girls lives for the past 5 years and I love each and every one of you. (parents too…lol)…Don’t ever forget-”Keep smiling and keep moving forward.”

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  • 03/10/11--19:20: By: Michael Kurdys
  • I have never dealt with a more dishonest people in my life. They have now made Bailey cry twice. I look forward to seeing ALL Vipers and ALL parents following Kim to a new league in either Sylvania or Toledo!! Don't forget we get our money back from WTGSL everyone!!

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  • 03/10/11--19:33: By: Michael Kurdys
  • I was told by the President of the league (Todd Burgy) some confidential information I would like to share with EVERYONE now. He told me prior to this week that he 100% disagrees with the other board members and he thinks it is wrong what they are doing, he said that they are on a witchhunt. he also said the reason they want to do this is "silly and juvenile". He said that he thinks it is 100% wrong that the organizers can dismiss a coach and he was going to fight to change it in the future. He also told me that OVER $10,000 was stolen from the league two years ago by prior Board members. He is AFRAID of making these people mad because he has worked so hard to get the league "cleaned up" and if they quit he is back at square one.

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  • 03/10/11--19:49: By: Keith Van Sant
  • So much for logic! Great coach, great role model, loved by the kids, and fought for by the parents. But still gone.

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  • 03/10/11--20:37: By: Cindy
  • ALL who coach in the WTGSL pay great attention to this situation as this can be you next. Removed with no explanation and no real reasons. I have copied part of Dave Wooley's post from earlier and his words are have an eerie ring..... FROM DAVE WOOLEY "Finally, if a decision is made to remove a coach, it is only fair to provide specific feedback to that person citing the cause for dismissal. Before it gets to that point, I would hope the school organizer has a one-on-one discussion with the coach explaining the issue at hand…and giving him/her the opportunity to rectify. If any situation does escalate to dismissal, that coach should have the option to review directly with the Board. Coaches in this league are volunteers…they don’t get paid for what they do. Volunteering to coach, in my opinion, EARNS them the right to be heard." This is a perfect example of adults putting their needs and agenda before the kids. It is down right shameful and embarrassing. These are the ones we have chosen to be guiding our children. Oh that's right we didn't choose them they appointed themselves there is no one watching over them so they can do whatever they want - they have conflicts of interest by coaching and being on the board. Hmmmmm!!!!!

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  • 03/10/11--21:51: By: Lynn Clark
  • First of all a Big Shout Out to my brother, Mike, for such a passionate effort to undo a wrong.(And Sun Princess please don't cry!)I am not there, so I'm not sure how this whole thing works. As stated above, who appoints the Board? Here in Florida, the board (of any sport) is made up of PARENTS, with past and present kids playing. After they are appointed..are they on the board to they die? the Supreme Court... Can you get the rules changed and have elections for the seats on the board? Is there a city or county department that this so called board falls under? Can you form a new team in the league and find your own sponsorship? I think it read they have like 60 teams why not one more. If parents pay for their kids to be in this league, I do believe you have a right to see where all the money goes. In above comment one year 10,000 missing! These people have their heads up their a****. IGNORANCE comes to mind !!

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  • 03/11/11--06:51: By: Tim Smith
  • Just checked in to see what the verdict was. How sad. The girls should get to play for their coach they love. The people who made this decision are wrong. Is the Toledo Free Press going to do a follow up on this? What are these girls going to do? Will the league get in trouble for banning her? Maybe Tressel could coach them, he will be unemployed soon.

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  • 03/11/11--11:40: By: Linda
  • Michael I wouldn't believe a word of what Todd Burgy says. Last year we had 2 board members tell us that they were on our side & felt that we were being wronged. They wet as far as saying that they were trying to get Dan & Todd removed from the board & thought that they had enough votes but it obviously never came to fruition because all the same board members are still there. If $10,000 was stolen 2 years ago, #1 why wasn't anyone prosecuted & #2 why haven't more checks & balances been instated to prevent it was happening again instead of all these closed door meetings? As paying members of the league didn't we have a right to know that this theft occured & where our money is going now? Kim~ I am truely sorry that you & your girls are going through this. It is not an easy ordeal. We tried to warn the league coaches last year that this could happen to anyone & unfortuneatly it did. Do you know if the majority of the league coaches even know what is going on? Maybe if they all get together & refuse to coach until there are some changes made to the board and how the league is run, it would force them to listen! If need be, I am willing to step up and assume a postition to help get the league back on track. Let me know if you need anything. WTGSL COACHES stand up & fight for what is right or this could be you & your team next year!!!!

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  • 03/11/11--13:25: By: Terry Rowland
  • Michael.Todd is flat out lying to you.The money was stolen by a commissioner long ago before Todd got involved.Todd is also the rules and protest chairperson which contradicts their own by-laws.He has his wife,Dan Drummond ,Dan's wife all voting with him.He can do what he wants and he knows it.This league is a knot for profit league with a tax exempt ID number.They are required to have open meetings {which they do not},and they are also required to post a financial statement {which they never have}.It is simple math to add up all the girls and multiply by the league fee to check what is coming in.All we need is some lawyer to send over a request and force them to show financial's for the years Todd has been in Charge.They can't do it.They can't even provide meeting minutes from there monthly board meetings.

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  • 03/11/11--19:20: By: Tricia
  • Thank you Mike Tackett for stepping in and helping these girls get to play for someone that they can be happy with if they have to play without their beloved coach of 5 years. It was so wonderful of you to agree to do this and help the parents get their girls back on the field. -Kim you are a real class act and I am still so sorry you are not the one standing with them as a coach but we are still all standing 100% behind you. This has helped dry some of my nieces tears and will allow her to play a game she loves with her friends. I am so glad there are some classy people that can make something right happen, unlike the the board whose personal agendas and pettiness almost cost the league some excellent players not too mention all the support of the awesome Viper Fans!! Thank you too to Mike and Cindy for truly showing us all how to stand up and fight for what is right and just. We may not have come out of this with what we wanted but at least a compromise was reached that everyone can live with. Thanks for nothing....WTGSL Board.